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The Real Deal

Co-Hosts Catinca Tabacaru and Maria Birsan walk us through intimate visual-audio portraits with some of today’s exciting art world and creative players throghout Romania and abroad.

Co-Hosts Catinca Tabacaru and Maria Bîrsan walk us through intimate visual-audio portraits with some of today’s most interesting art world and creative players in Romania and abroad.

Episode 1:
An Introduction

Catinca Tabacaru, Founder and Director of her epotymous gallery, and mama to 6-month-old Esmé, joins Maria Bîrsan, Director of Sandwich Bucharest and happily childless flower child, as they open a window into the questions facing parents and wannabe parents within today’s creative context.

Episode 2:
1 or 2 According to the Dads

97% of all major museum exhibitions are mounted by white male artists. The statistics are not much different when looking at the content of permanent collections, or at income discrepency between men and women… in any industry. It then seemed quite natural for us to interview a group of dashing dads (and we hope soon-to-be-dad) to ask them “what’s better? 1 or more kids?” The answer is unlikely to surprise you.
Appearing: Alexandru Niculescu – Co-Founder Sandwich; Marco Curina – Marvel Collection, Italia; Raphael Oberhuber – Director KOW Berlin; Alain Servais – Collector

Episode 3:
The First Years… baby vs. career

“Some women have their kids after they’ve established their career, others only start a career after their kids have grown… but mostly, we all just try to find balance.” In this delightfully touching episode, Marius Tuca, Journalist (“de teren”), and Suzana Vasilescu – Founder Suprainfinit Gallery reflect on the early years with their babies and what they would and would not repeat given the chance to redo it all.

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Note: This podcast is initially intended for a Romanian-speaking audience, prioritizing the local context. We’re working on English subtitles for the rest of the world’s population… or maybe we should voiceover ourselves?! oohhh!