Catinca Tabacaru NYC/Harare Collective

CTG Harare est. 2017

Architectural Project Designed by Rachel Monosov & Catinca Tabacaru; Built in collaboration with Dzimbanhete Arts & Culture Interactions & CTG Collective

CTG Harare (Est. 2017)

Finished CTG Harare

DAY 1: selecting exact placement and orientation of CTG Harare: facing East, looking out onto a far off horizon

CTG Harare (Est. 2017)
Structure located at Plot 1, Stonehurts, Harare, Zimbabwe
Designed by Rachel Monosov & Catinca Tabacaru
Built by the CTG Collective
Operated in collaboration with Dzimbanhete Arts & Culture

CTG Harare (Est. 2017)

In August 2017, the Gallery designed, built and opened its second location in Harare, Zimbabwe, in partnership with Dzimbanhete Arts and Culture Interactions. Located 20-minutes outside of the city center, it is surrounded by bushland and small villages. Coined CTG Harare, the Gallery presents exclusively two-artist exhibitions and organizes an annual art residency, setting Zimbabwe-based and international artists in conversation.

By creating an inter-continental platform, artists from abroad are invited to come to Zimbabwe to participate. Once per year, four pairs of artists and associated mentors, curators and administrators live and work together at Dzimbanhete Arts Interactions for a one-month residency. The pairs of artists make two separate works in conversation or one collaborative work, and each exhibit features the result of this synergetic time.