Catinca Tabacaru NYC/Harare Collective


Curated by Raphael Guilbert

a 2019 sound-based series highlighting New York-based Black female artists

Jade de LaFleur
performing The Green Horse

Jasminfire performing for Act Two

Terry Lovette performing b e t w e e n o u r s e l v e s

As the Gallery evolves, we continue our commitment to offering a platform for multi-disciplinary engagement. After a successful run of Trans-Ville’s 5 Acts in 2017/2018, we return in 2019 with pennyroyal, a new program of performances curated by Raphael Guilbert, this time focusing on female musicians.

Pennyroyal is of feminine nature and ruled by Venus and the element earth. It is also masculine and ruled by fire and mare. Pennyroyal is associated with Hecate, Eileithyia and other Goddesses of the arts.

Jade de LaFleur
ACT ONE | March 22, 2019

Jade de LaFleur presented her first studio album, The Green Horse, executive produced by Patrick Wimberly and Davix.

With a seductive mix of psychedelic Funk, R&B, and Pop, LaFleur takes us on a journey of her struggle as a young musician in New York City, to those blissful moments that give us the rose-colored glasses with which to look at our own lives.

Jade de Lafleur is a Louisiana-native whose passion for music started at 5 years old. It was then that her mother, a soloist with the local church choir, introduced Jade to the music of Whitney Houston. Eventually Jade would join the youth choir herself, where she also became a soloist. The singer/songwriter’s experimental mix of R&B, Jazz, Pop and psychedelic funk are on full display in her music, which she co-writes and produces.

Pennyroyal is a herb of protection and peace.

ACT TWO | April 19, 2019

Jasminfire narrated and scored a fictional tale using an unconventional violin + live production setup with the accompaniment of Burniss Earl Travis III on bass.

Working in the mediums of art sun, violin moon, design rising. Jasminfire is a mixed media and recording artist based in NYC

pen·ny·roy·al /‘penē,roiəl/ noun
protects your psychic energy from the negativity of others.

Terry Lovette
ACT THREE | May 24, 2019

– b e t w e e n o u r s e l v e s – was an immersive experience produced and performed by New York-based vocalist Terry Lovette. The cathartic work of sound speaks to the radical act of transformation and its associated emotions.

Lovette uses voice, sound, and various digital technologies to create performance-based works that explore liminal space and the complexity of emotion shared and felt. She performs, decontextualizes and deconstructs her identity under the moniker Woman Or World?.