Justin Orvis Steimer
winter in Venice

Justin Orvis Steimer, Introduction (arrival) Marco Polo Airport, 2015

Justin Orvis Steimer, Palazzo Malipiero Attic, 2015

Justin Orvis Steimer, Riatto Market, 2015

Justin Orvis Steimer, Piazza San Marco, 2015

Justin Orvis Steimer, Campo Santo Stefano (night time), 2015

Justin Orvis Steimer, Ponte dei Santi Hpostoli, 2015

Justin Orvis Steimer, Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute (sitting inside on a rainy day), 2015

Justin Orvis Steimer, Fondamenta Nani across from Mesa di San Trovaso (sunny day), 2015

long before i arrived in venice
i knew i had to create this book.
during the months of january, february and march
i rented an apartment on the top floor of the palazzo malipiero overlooking the grand canal.
much of my time was spent alone
wandering the narrow, cobbled streets
building a mental map of the island
while searching for places where i could sit and draw
and paint.
what results is a portrait
removed from time
of this magical city.

at this moment exists the energy of every thought and dream of every
plant and animal that has ever lived or ever will live.
the energy of every soul
every spirit
every possibility ever forgotten and yet to be considered.
the energy of every star of every galaxy
every atom of every cell,
the knowledge stored inside every crystal
the energy of our being here right now
everything is connected.

my paintings are an exploration of these potential, kinetic and metaphysical energies


- Justin Orvis Steimer