Xavier Robles de Medina

Excerpts from text conversation with the Robles de Medina:

I think it’s kind of mimics painting as a concept, as it’s literally a surface of “reflection”

I think there’s a kind of strange space, which is deep and shallow, at the same time, kind of distorted and digital and at the same time sculptural

I’m drawn to the folds of the collar and the pattern of the scarf, they kind of classical

And the elasticity of the ear is evocative of cartoons

So it has several kind of tropes that reoccur in my practice

Also, the emphasis on the ear, is a subtle hint at the title of my first solo in Suriname “als het heel lichaam oor zou zijn” Translated “if the whole body were an ear”

Untitled, 2019, graphite on paper, 17 × 16 in | 43 × 40 cm