Xavier Robles de Medina
In The Realm of Translation

Robles de Medina is thinking about translation here. How to take a photograph, turn it into a drawing, photograph that drawing and edit it in photoshop and then turn it back into a drawing or a sculpture. It’s a process that works away at the original source, providing an alternative view of the original at the same time as creating a new work. For him, a work of art is inherently dialogical, so by translating it, he is inherently commenting on one aspect of it.

Side by side, the graphite sculpture and the ink on MDF board are translations of translations. The source material is hair advertisements turned into collage, turned into drawings, turned into sculpture, then making a white cast, then lit, photographed, edited in photoshop and drawn from that image.

The presentation confuses the hierarchy of sculpture and drawing and also the chronology in observation of process: the drawing came after the sculpture; as opposed to it being a study for the sculpture.

Some bend and twist their contents, 2018, silicone on metal structure, 10 × 18 × 14 in | 26 × 47 × 36 cm

In the realm of translation, 2018, graphite and plaster, Edition of 4, 44 × 33 × 8 cm

Untitled (Translation) III, 2018, Ink on MDF board, 17 × 12 in | 44 × 32 cm

Untitled (Translation B&G) I, 2019, Ink on MDF board, 17 × 12 in | 44 × 32 cm

Bump N’ Grind, 2013, gypsum cement, 15 × 11 × 3 in | 38 x 27 × 7 cm