Xavier Robles de Medina
Rajio Taiso

While considering the role of artist assistant, and the history of colonialism in Suriname, Robles de Medina happened upon Frans Huys, a 16th century Flemish printmaker working as an artist assistant to the infamous Pieter Bruegel de Oude. Robles de Medina took an interest in a series of etchings depicting elaborate zoomorphic heads. While Huys’s history, and that of the mystical creatures in his work, is significantly undocumented, it is undeniable, given Huys’s position, that he took inspiration from the beginnings of the European Colonial Project. The depictions of these supposed monsters, are replications of Europe’s exotified vision of the Americas and East Asia. Rajio Taiso essentializes Huys’s work, questioning memory, and the elements necessary for a subject, or history to be defined and visualized.

Original drawing for Rajio Taiso, 2018, graphite on color paper, 26 × 20 cm

Rajio Taiso, 2018, graphite and plaster, Edition of 4, 40 × 30 × 11 cm