Admire Kumudzengerere
Banners, 2018

Excerpt from “Admire Kamudzengerere wins at MiaRt” by the Art Correspondent in Business Weekly, 2018

“…The drapes were influenced by the cultural and religious environment in Zimbabwe; which Kamudzengerere annotated to a dichotomous presentation between ‘curses’ and ‘good wishes.’

The works are directly inspired by patchwork quilts; the home economical factor being a direct reference for the artist as he underpinned his mother’s streamlined creation of such quilts from offcuts of material due to the lack of financing for inputs. These scraps would provide her with enough material to sew bedcovers and duvets which she would sell in Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe or any such place she learned there was demand for her product. All the left over scraps of fabric that his mother collected to create unity became references to the drapes; collective stories connected to the Zimbabwean experience patched together to project the various positive dreams and wishes Zimbabweans have.

Part of the drapes patchwork is sewn out of the decommissioned Bearer Cheque currency; something Kamudzengerere describes as a disruptive force to Zimbabwean spending and saving habits; the public became used to the idea of being ‘millionaires, billionaires and trillionaires.’

Of note, Kamudzengerere pointed out that the fact that the Art and Design Fairs were pulling people from across the world, but unfortunately Zimbabwe is nowhere in this conversation on a public level…”

The Spirit After the Storm, 2018 (detail), ink and oil on sewn canvas

Six Banners, 2018

Stitched, 2018 (detail)

Chunwu, 2018 (detail)

Winner of the Snaporazverein Prize for best presentation of OnDemand section curated by OdaAlbera at MiArt 2018